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How to Get More Followers on Twitter


Sending a tweet that nobody reads does not really make any impact. I can bet when you started using twitter, you're forced to glance at the big egg below your follower count. You probably asked your friends, customers and employees to follow your account. However, beyond the people you are acquainted with, many businesses don't know to increase the number of followers they have on twitter. Once most brands get going, they try to use Twitter management tools such as Sprout Social to investigate new followers, shares, comments, likes and impressions. The result of the investigation is analyzed on their social efforts.

When using Sprout, you can connect your account easily and immediately measure, manage and monitor your business's Twitter. Before you start to manage your followers, you still need to understand how you can grow your base. On Twitter, the engagement you get is more important than the number of followers you have. However, getting more viewers on your content is an advantage.

More Twitter followers not only give you extra chances for engagement, it also gives your brand a more authoritative look on social media. You can also get more social media followers by following the link: As Twitter is a very crowded and noisy social network, your game needs to be really tight for people to be compelled enough to follow your brand. Below are some steps on how to increase the number of Twitter followers you have.


  1.  Share Amazing Content

On Twitter, a lot of brands make the mistake of sharing the wrong content. You should note that sharing quality content is very important for Twitter marketing.

There is no reason anyone would want to follow your brand if what you are tweeting is not worth reading.

Start by discovering your target audience on Twitter and know the kind of content they would want to see. You can get this information in various ways.

The easiest is by checking the page of your competitors. Look for your three biggest competitors whose Twitter account have an active following. The two things you need to note are


  1. What they are sharing The people following them.

Checking the past Tweets of one of those competitors will tell you the kind of posts your audience likes to see. Pay close attention to the Tweets that has high engagement.

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  1.  Be AlwaysPrepared To Engage

One of the simplest ways to increase the number of Twitter followers you have is by building relationships and establishing connections. It’s even easier if you have earlier done a competitive research as you would have already found the target audience you want to connect with.

If you however want to find more people, you can do this manually by searching Twitter or you can use social media tools like BuzzSumo. You can add people to a private list if you want to stay organized. The advantage of using Twitter list is that it latest Tweets of both the pages you are following and your followers will be put in one stream. You won’t have to go to like 20 individual profiles anymore.

You can start connecting as once your list is ready. I recommend you spend a minimum of 30 minutes per day engaging with a lot of new people. It may be by Retweeting, liking or replying their Tweets. Try to get people to notice you while not compromising the value you provide.

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  1. Promote Your Twitter Profile

If you get media mentions or you are into guest blogging, the first thing that comes to your mind is promoting your website. It’s a good strategy as backlinks can help bring more people to your website.

However, if your aim is to increase your followers, try to link your Twitter profile to it sometimes. If you are into guest blog post, most likely, you will get an option to add a link in your author section/byline.

You can also include your Twitter profile link in most sites. If people read your article and love it, they will most likely follow you on Twitter so as be up to date on your newest content.

4. Frequently Share Your Twitter Content

It is a known fact that content is important. Try to increase how frequent you Tweet. If you Tweet more often, the chances of you being noticed will increase. As information moves very quickly through Twitter, Tweeting once or twice a day is not good enough for your brand.

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Using Monitoring Speakers

Gather all the info for the Tweets that are most popular in a spreadsheet. This includes: The kind of Content: If it was a photo, video, Twitter poll or link. The type of Engagement: Note the number of likes, replies and Retweets. Day and Time: The time and day the Tweet was sent out. Copy: Put down the copy or headline of the Tweet.

The main goal is to find out what’s really working and the reason it’s effective. Try to note the time the popular Tweets are posted as this will let you know when your audience is more likely to be engaged. After that, check-out the people following your competitors. To do this, click on their profile and then the number of followers.

As you are now aware of who your audience is, the next thing to do is engaging them. You will need to find a way to record the interactions you have with each person. It is difficult to try to do this manually.

To save your time, Sprout Social does a good job of tracking each conversation you with others on Twitter so you know the people you’ve previously interacted with.

Having conversations with other users should be a consistent part of your Twitter marketing strategy. You will start to notice your follower count increasing over time.

For those trying to get more Twitter followers, this is very important. You need to send out Tweets regularly and consistently. Using a Twitter scheduling tool is the best way of keeping a consistent and stable stream of Tweets going.

To be truthful, doing it is almost impossible without creating huge messy spreadsheets. Additionally, social media marketing wasn’t considered when most CRM softwares were built.